Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Guillena to Castilblanco de Los Arroyos

Here are some words about todayś hike. It was all uphill, all the way. You can see by the rocks that it was quite a climb. Even at the last 4 kms, which was pavement, it was uphill. That made for quite a challenging day, and it was a relatively short hike (supposed to be easy).

Thanks to Genesee and Rochester Hiking Clubs for all the practice in the Ellison Park Wetlands and Irondequioit Park West.

Here is the story on the oranges. About halfway thru the hike, we came upon an orange grove which the workers were harvesting. On their way out, I asked if I could take a picture. They obliged and then gave all us peregrinos oranges. I can tell you that they were the juiciest oranges. The juice literally ran down my fingers.

Tomorrow we have the longest segment: 30 kms. In the heat, it will be a back breaker. 

Having dinner: 2 tapas (potato,  green pepper and tomato drenched in ice cold olive oil and calamari likewise).

To Carlos, my son: Thanks for the words of encouragement.  The champ will be thinking of you during tomorrow's slog. I just got word that it is 15 kms of pavement and 15 kms of trail. 

Just did some shopping at the supermarket as there are no facilities at all on tomorrow hike to Almaden de la Plata.


  1. Convert 30 km to feet, and it's not so bad.. a mere 98425 feet. That's low Earth orbit..
    Don't tax yourself, take frequent breaks. Good Luck!