Sunday, April 13, 2014

Semana Santa Holy Sunday

I am so glad that I walked to Fuente De Cantos today.

It gave me one more day in the province of Extremadura.

The scenery was simply gorgeous.

By hanging in there, I showed that I could face up to a physical, mental and spiritual challenge and carry forward, even if just 'a bit'.

By doing it, I got to spend part of Holy Week in a land where Easter is more than chocolate bunnies, Easter Eggs and dinners. I watched people of deep faith relive the passion thru hard work, lots of practice and building a team.

Because I had made it to the small pueblo of Fuente De Cantos, I felt the emotion of the spectators for the 'confradia' up close and intimately. I was in a crowd of hundreds rather than thousands (like in Sevilla). As the "paso" aka float passed by me (mere feet away), I saw the artistic and exquisite detail and painstakingly created float; it was very artistic. During the music and the procession, I was close enough to feel "the passion", to indulge in it and to let it move thru me and produced a deep emotional impact on me.

As you watch the video, understand that the 'paso' is being carried by a group of young men (approx 50) who move forward in unison, inches at a time.

Palm Sunday in Fuente De Cantos

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