Saturday, April 5, 2014

Leaving on a jet plane

Sitting at gate A6 at the Rochester International Airport, waiting for boarding.

 It is about to happen. Once I get on that plane,  the adventure begins.

 Yesterday was final preps day. The most important thing that I did was to stop by Eastern Mountain Sports one more time for a review of how the backpack worked. The csr (Dennis) was most helpful. I had forgotten some things about the straps and hooks and how to efficiently put the pack on and take it off. I'd say Dennis spent a half hour going over it all with me again. These backpacks are complicated. They are not just a standard shoulder pack.

 I am very grateful to Mercedes who is taking care of my dog and cat (Harold and Lola). She emailed me last night that both were doing well and that Harold had already taken over the couch. It was strange to not have them with me,  both when I went to bed and when I got up this morning,  but they are in good care.


Made it to the Philidelphia USO. Free food,  wifi, couches, TV and a chance to relax in comfort. Makes me glad to be a USO donor.

... As I sit here in the the USO, there are two 20-somethings talking about their upcoming deployment to Khandahar and Bagram, Afganistan. 40 years ago, when I was starting my military service,  it was all about the Soviets and now it is about "what"? 40 years later and I am going hiking.

Everything had changed and nothing has changed.  

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  1. Yup.. When I was younger, I thought Vietnam would serve as a valuable lesson, but the next generation forgot everything and we repeat the cycle.