Sunday, April 6, 2014

In Sevilla

After an uneventful flight,  Jorge meet me at the airport and after an eventful ride to the Convent of Santa Rosalia, I have a bed and a room for the night. Later on the trip, I can go with the more hostel type of accommodations. Tonight I just want peace and quiet.

Hear are some things that I accomplished this afternoon:

  • Found my way to the cathedral. 
  • Found my start point and way.  (Not necessarily how to get out of Sevilla proper.)
  • Asked for help in Spanish from 3 strangers successfully
  • Found this Starbucks and wi-fi. Really huge. 
Emotionally this is one big head rush to be all on my own and completely cut off from the outside world.  If I don't have wi-Fi,  I don't have connections.  It sounds so obvious but it is so true.  I have this huge nervous pit in my stomach when I am in the room to be so isolated.  How did people do it hundreds of years ago?  To be overseas meant to be away from loved ones for years with only letters to communicate.

That is why I had to call my mom,  granddaughter Adriana, grandson Jayden, Jaime and Carlos. I needed reassurance.

Oh beautiful Sevilla.  The streets are alive with people on a Sunday evening. Families are strolling thru the plazas.  Couples in love are holding hands in the shadows of buildings that are hundreds of years old. Friends are laughing in the plazas. Street musicians are playing.  This city is alive.

And to close for the night.  They write about the Via de la Plata that you must be prepared to be comfortable with yourself as you will be alone on many parts of the journey. Only now do I realize the total force of those words. As only being here can make it,  the aloneness is patently obvious.

Besides I trained in 0 C temperatures with snow and ice.  It's 25C and for me,  hotter than hell. There are people here with sweaters on. What is wrong with them?  Or with me?


  1. So far from home, but remember you are never alone. All your Rochester falcon friends are thinking of you and wishing you well on this monumental hike. :-) Be safe my friend!

  2. Memories. Love ya Champ. Thinking about you.