Friday, April 11, 2014

Monasterio (Rest Day)

So this day is about flexibility.  This was not in my plans to spend a rest day in Monasterio.

But now that I am here, it reminds me of an old Navy (military) joke.

  • The key to victory in battle is flexibility.
  • The key to flexibility is having several options. 
  • The key to having options is not to decide on one. 
  • Therefore the key to victory is indecision. 
So today I will not make any decisions. Instead I started my day by crossing the street and having 'churros' (like waffle cakes but tubular), Cafe con leche and pineapple juice.

Given that I was remaining here for the day, I had hoped to see some peregrinos pass by my breakfast location, leaving for Fuente de Cantos (20kms), but no such luck. Obviously the pilgrims had already left, given the hour.

Clothes are washed and hanging on the line to dry.

Reflections on goals and accomplishments:
challenge long-term fortitudehiking preps, Spanish practice, physical training
handle the unknown w/o helpcommitting to the plan, making the reservation, getting on the plane, completing each preparation
survive on my own in a foreign countryordering food, drinks, room, directions, health concerns, casual conversion
preparation match realitysuccess
cultural experiencegood food, drinks and friendly people, but no time for music or dance
met interesting peopledone
cancer survivorhiked 60 miles in 80+ temperatures over 5 days

I was taking a practice walk around the town of about 2 km. This little ditty, to the tune of 'Leaving On A Jet Plane' came into my head. Kind of sums up the tug of war going on in my head right now.

I'm a hiking El Camino.
Leaving Monasterio.
Santiago, I have to go.

One more stage is all I need,
One more stop is all I want.
When I go back, I'll do my usual things.

Final Report: feeling better. Aiming for Fuente de Cantos.

A Day in Monasterio


  1. So, have you seen any falcons? and do they kak with a Spanish accent? I have always been curious about that. :-) In all seriousness. Take care of yourself Larry and enjoy the experience. I love this quote by Ernest Hemmingway. “It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.” - Carol

  2. Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's off to Spain I go, With a blister here and a Band aid there, Hi Ho, Hi Ho, Hi Ho.
    Hi Ho, Hi Ho, With every step I grow, It's good for me, so 'Let it Be' and go, but slow
    Hi Ho Hi Ho. Hi Ho,

    Good Luck getting the dwarves out of your head. Disney rules.

  3. Larry, my brother... I wish I had something wise and encouraging to say from my vast fount of knowledge, but I have largely been a chicken, taking only journeys in my head and heart. But I do know: nothing is wasted in God's economy.... and this is Lent... may your pains make you more compassionate, the slowness of the journey make you more patient with yourself and others, the obstacles keep your heart, mind and eyes open to whatever you must learn. Mash Allah, Larry... may God be pleased with you. "God does not call the qualified. He qualifies the called." Love, Diane.